Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Dow-A Taste Of Whats To Come

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The Dow -A Taste Of Whats To Come
The Dow is currently at 12042 which is the end of the purple line
stretching over to the far right on the Chart. The light blue line
falling to the bottom of the Chart is the expected path of the Dow
expected to bottom around 2015-2016. The Chart dates back to
the 1920's and includes the crash of 1929 which is the sharp drop
on the left hand side of the chart. Both the Chart and its expected
target of 400 ...yes thats 400 and the dates come from Elliot Wave
 International and its founder Robert Precter who is known as
 the worlds greatest market timer. With that prediction ofcourse
 goes the global economy. Is he often wrong? A few times but not
 too often which is scary. My target is 3000 which is bad enough but
 400 thats everybody wiped out period. Lets hope he's wrong this time.

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