Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Above is a 4 Hour Bar Chart. You can see a recurring
theme with the bottom indicator when its Trending, it
always traces out a A,B,C upward movement and keeps
you on the right side of the Trade. The Eurusd is moving up
but technically its in a Bear Market as will be seen in the
Chart below.

Eurusd Daily Chart. As you can see by the bottom
indicator prices while moving up prices are still in a
Bear Market and will turn down only when the 4 Hour
Chart signal turn down.
Above Chart shows the Eurusd 5 Minute Bars. The
method used always keeps you on the right side of
the Trade. In this case the lower indicator is clearly
telling you to Buy the Eurusd (Buy the Euro, Sell
the Dollar)

Above is a 15 Minute Chart. Looking at the lower
indicator you can see prices although rising is only
a temporary move and will turn negative when the
top 5 minute chart prices turns down, then its time
to exit and Sell the Eurusd.

Above is the 30 Minute Chart. You can see prices are
beginning to turn up in sympathy with the 5,15 charts

Above is the 1 Hour Chart. A long trend is still in force
as seen by the bottom indicator. Just trading a 1 Lot
and getting in only when the indicator turns up from
the bottom would have resulted in a profit of $7450.00

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